Google Dorks by iamcybermight

Searches for exact string/name you pass after intext:
intext:”Sumanth Dodda”

Allintext helps us to identify 3 different words no matter about the order to be present in the body of the page
allintext: travel packing list

Intitle: helps us to get the string that present in the title of the page makes inurl:sure that the input(http) is present in the URL
intitle:”index of” inurl:http

Some Examples:

Nessus is an vulnerability scanner used by many organizations to carry out pen-testing

intitle:”Nessus Scan Report”

intext:password filetype:log

filetype:env “DB_PASSWORD”

env files are application configuration files which manages the environment constants

intext:”Sumanth Dodda” inurl:admin intext:login

Fun Part:

intitle”webcam 5":

Some Automated tools:
Pagodo[Click on this for Github link]

[Click on this for Installation and Usage of Pagodo]

The Harvester[Click On This for GitHub link]

[click on this or Installation and Usage of The Harvester]

And also check Google Hacking Database for more dorks and fun:

Thanks ;)




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Sumanth Dodda

Sumanth Dodda

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